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Looking for advice when moving house? I have sourced the best from the web just for you.

Hello, I recently moved house and was amazed to find so many websites listed in the search engines about moving house but nearly all of them gave little or no information on actually moving house. I also made the mistake of buying some rather cheap boxes, only to find that many of them collapsed when I filled them with my bits and bobs. Rather smaller when they arrived than I had imagined which meant I couldn't fit a lot into them.

Because of this I used many more than I probably should have making that the removal guys take more trips back and forth. With many a comment about the quality, I felt obliged to offer them biscuits with their tea, chocolate ones at that.

So my second attempt at a website and my aim is give people some good advice on moving house and to point to some very useful moving house sites to help you find the best "moving quote website", the "best moving advice sites" and the "best moving box" suppliers.

If you do have any interesting moving stories I would love to hear them or any hints and tips would be great as well.
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Moving house is stressful at the best of times so I have put together some links to get me and you started below:

Did you know that Movers want to quote for your business. They often become booked up a fortnight ahead but after that they have an empty diary so they are always on the look out for someone to move.

 I have teamed up with who use and develop unique software that is user friendly and accurate for both the mover and removal company. Use it to receive up to 5 Removal companies quotes for your move.

How do I get up to 5 Free quotes? I hear you ask, Simple

  • In less than 5 minutes you can enter your moving details into the form (quite a bit to fill in but from the feedback I have heard it is very accurate), the software then calculates the volume for you and builds an inventory list.

  • Once submitted, the inventory list is emailed to selected professional Removal Companies.

  • The removal companies will then contact you directly with either a price or request to visit you and give a full quotation. do not add anything to the price or sell your details on. You deal direct with your chosen removal company and that is it, no more ringing endless companies asking for a quote.

Removal Companies. Get your instant online moving quotes now.

Maybe you don't want to fill out a form!!!!!

If like me you tend to research things (hence the website) and quite like the telephone to talk to people old fashioned I know, you can search etc or another option is the directories of removal companies. is a free independent advice and a directory website of removal companies, things to do etc. This was built by an ex-removal man who wanted to give people somewhere to find independent advice on moving. This is an invaluable web site when moving house, I used it to print off checklists that came in really handy until I packed them.

They don't just list the removal companies name and telephone number, but they show an image of their lorry, a description about the company, icons to show the services on offer and also on some of the listings they show testimonials that have been sent in to them.

I asked them why they don't have a scoring system for the removal companies like ebay? They said that they would if they could find away of making sure everyone filled out a feedback form, as it is that felt that they would receive more negative than positive just because of the way people are. That is fair enough but I do think that it would be useful to have a scoring system. A link to is below, have a look I am sure you will find something of use even if its just the badges to print off for the children to wear on moving day.

 Removal Companies. Get Free advice now.

Moving boxes, Packing boxes, whatever you call them now, the old tea chest seems to have disappeared and replaced with cardboard boxes.

Start packing things straight away, this helps you to decide what to keep and what to throw away. It will not matter how much you pack up, you will still find loads to do when you get closer to the big day. Pack up items you rarely use, like books, videos, records and all the kitchen items at the back of the cupboard. I found a soda stream at the back of one of my kitchen cupboards. I have just had a thought why not email me with a list of items that you have found when packing up that are never used like the soda stream and I will make a top 5 on this page.

Anyway the boxes from the box shop are the same boxes that the removal companies use, they are strong and can be used again and again.Remember always buy double walled boxes as these are stronger.

Removal boxes available in $town. Get your boxes online now.


banner ad available in Removals in web page.

Removals.  Local National House Removals Get your quote by using the form above

Removals.  Local National House Removals Give them a call using form above:

Thank you for visiting me and my website and I wish you all the best when moving house. It should be a fun and exciting time in your life, so enjoy it
lots of love
Pam xx

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